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We've put together discovery steps, books and free resources as your quick start guide before working with SunDari.



Stop and really evaluate what the results are that you currently have in your life; this will give you insight into what gets to shift if you want to create something different. The more detailed and thoughtful your responses, the more helpful these assignments will be, so take your time and respond from the heart.

  1. What is the “normal” feeling and experience I am living in most of the time? 

  2. What are my beliefs about how life works and what is attainable for me?

  3. What are my current results in these areas: Relationships with others? Body and health? Finances? Relationship to myself?

  4. How much have I been able to receive joy and live my passions so far in my life? How free do I feel and give myself permission to be?  How much do I allow myself to receive sex, pleasure, and play?

  5. Looking at your authentic answers from the questions above, what is it that you see you have been believing you deserve? Are there things you have been tolerating in your life and if so, what have you been tolerating?

  6. What would you like to now create and experience as your new normal and current reality?

Discovery 1



Feel your feelings

Now is the time to get really honest as you look back at your life and answer these questions:

  1. Up to this point, how much have you allowed yourself to feel?

  2. What belief systems and programming did you pick up about feelings?

  3. If you tend to mask your emotions, how has that impacted your life? What have you not allowed yourself to be, experience, or have as a result?

  4. Now, take a few moments to practice tuning into your body and notice how you’re feeling right now or any sensations you can become aware of and bring attention to.

I recommend writing it down, so you can begin to acknowledge it. Practice being as specific as you can so you aren’t just using the old program to glance at it with your mind.  As you now give yourself permission to feel the slightest feelings in your body, you unlock more of your abilities to see what is going on, heal, create, and receive.


Are there any physical symptoms you can pinpoint? 


What core emotions (anger, sadness, joy, fear, sexual) are connected to the physical symptom?


Explore and ask yourself why you might be feeling the way you are. For example, “What could I be angry, sad, scared about?”  (Depending on emotion you are targeting)

This is just to simply witness, allow more, and practice. 

Know that all of this will get clearer and easier as you move into the 5 Steps to Freedom.

Discovery 2



Explore the Unconcisous

  1. Is there a time you can connect to now when you gave your power away or made a decision that you can see has formed your life?

  2. Tune into each operating system now (Thoughts, Perceptions, Language, Feelings). How have you been continuing to live out this decision?  What are the things you think, the things you look for, the words you speak, and the emotions you feel that are creating this to still be true for you?

  3. In what ways have you been holding back from being all of you?  List out the behaviors that are keeping you small, hidden, waiting, or sabotaging you from being in full expression of all you are.

  4. Where have you been looking for permission outside of you? What are you seeking to be able to now feel this permission? What are you wanting to give yourself permission to experience now?

Discovery 3



Get to the Root

of your core beliefs

  1. To give yourself some extra clarity when you are moving through the 5 Steps, be proactive and take some time to come back to the idea of these five core beliefs. Do you feel loved/lovable? Do you think you’re deserving of abundance, bliss, joy or what you want in all areas of your life? Are you good enough? Are you worthy? Can you trust yourself? Can you trust life?  If you answered no to any of these questions—write each of the core beliefs you realize you have down along with any other limiting core beliefs holding you back in your life that you can recognize are there at this time.

  2. Now, ask yourself why you feel that way. Remember, this process isn’t about looking for every single event in your life that backs up that belief because that could consume your life. Instead, look and get curious as to the first times you experienced these beliefs and get curious as to the origin point if you can—if experiences pop in later in life, say thank you and continue to rewind and ask what happened before you were 7 years old.  Track and capture whatever you are discovering and be loving with yourself no matter your experience.

  3. If you experience that there isn’t a specific event that comes up as to where these beliefs, programs or ideas came from, then it’s time to get curious as to if they are even yours.  Are they yours, or can you see who or what was feeding these ideas, where you picked it up from, or who you took it on from unconsciously?

  4. Once you’ve allowed space and presence for these roots to be revealed, continue to get curious to ask yourself if the belief or experience you perceived was or is really true, what other perceptions are possible, and what else could’ve been true in that experience and circumstance?

Discovery 4

You are doing amazing at getting curious. 

Now get ready…. The next shift will allow you to move through this with even more ease to continue to create more and more of what you want.

Deep Breath




What You Really Want

and What’s in the Way

For this Discovery Opportunity, simply give yourself space to dive into more clarity and take radical responsibility of what you have been creating.

  1.  In your journal or on a piece of paper, write down and describe what it is you really want. Now, you are going to support that creation by evaluating your life and the patterns that are aren’t supporting that.

  2. Take out another piece of paper or choose another space in your journal and draw a line down the middle, dividing it into halves with two columns next to each other.

  3. On the left side, begin listing out all the patterns and behaviors you are currently doing in your life that keep you from having this.  After you’ve made your list, go back through it, one by one, and decide on a different action, pattern, or behavior you are now going to practice doing instead whenever that old pattern shows up.  Write this new pattern next to the old one in the right column.  When you are finished, you’ll have a clear reflection of all the things you could recognize you were doing to block having what you want and a number of things you are now going to be practicing instead as new behaviors to assist you in getting what you do want. 

  4. You could also now support yourself more by writing out just the new behaviors on a piece of paper, taking a picture of it with your phone to be able to pull up whenever it supports, or print them out.  Put this reminder list where you can see it and it can support you to remind yourself of the new behaviors you are practicing.  Whenever those old patterns want to come up, now you have a resource to remember what you are going to practice and implement instead.

Discovery 5



Act Accordingly

& Create the Support to Achieve

Accountability is simply taking responsibility for reaching the results you desire.

Part 1:  Daily Integration

Part 2:  Set Up Accountability

In the last Discovery Opportunity, you were able to get clear on what you want and specifically clarify what patterns and behaviors were blocking what you want, as well as new patterns and behaviors you could now replace them with and practice. 

Take this opportunity to look at what you are now committed to practicing in your life as these new behaviors.

Now, get curious about what other actions would create the most change for you and how you can incorporate actions to support those changes for you to practice every single day. 

How can you support yourself with implementing these new behaviors into your daily life? 

Write out a list of the specific daily practices you are committed to incorporating into your schedule.

Maybe it’s waking up an hour earlier to get in some exercise, breathwork, or meditation. Maybe it’s writing out and putting up little sticky notes with affirmations on them to remind you of how amazing you truly are and to continue to look for the good.  There are so many ways you can support yourself in practicing new behaviors.  If you are committed to doing a date night each week with yourself, your spouse, or your kids, then that is something you can have conversations about, you can set up babysitters, or you can just put these dates into your calendar so that it supports you in this new routine.

Write out a list of specific daily practices you are now committed to incorporating into your schedule.

In addition to a calendar and sticky notes, you can set alarms to practice new behaviors and have these reminders on your phone to do your check-ins which is one of the greatest tools to support that I’ll share next.  Put the 5 steps up everywhere to remind yourself to go through them when you’re feeling less than awesome. There are countless ways to support yourself every day in making these practices a part of your daily norm.  In the Lock Last Formula teachings, we have a check-off sheet to support every area of upgrading your life every day and everyday I have my list of the things I do to embody the way I live life to simply remind me and check off daily.  These are everything from my breathwork, meditation, listening to my own frequency recordings, taking time to dance and sing, and anything I am incorporating.

Who can you share with, learn and grow with, and check in with on what you are specifically practicing this week and implementing into your life?

The greatest way we can reach our results is to receive support and support each other.  Most people want to stop themselves on the path because those triggers want to come up and they want to hide, back down, or buy into old programming.  When you are connected and committed to something greater than your own willpower and strength, it is that support of each other and giving each other the tools to continue to move beyond these points that allow us to reach the results we want. 

Be the example of the change that is possible and get others involved. Together we can all create a greater life experience.  If you don’t feel like you have anyone to create accountability with, then I encourage you to check out the Best Life Tribe, an entire community here to support you and much more. I am here to support you, and you are worthy of that support.  Please allow yourself to accept support and declare to the Universe also that you are worthy of receiving all you desire. 


You can find out more at or visit

Discovery 6



Create Joy

Make a list of all the ways you can practice experiencing more joy.

Having a “go-to” list of ideas as you check in and continue to implement more and more actions of joy in your life can support you. 

This could be singing every day, dancing, giving love to yourself every time you look in the mirror, breathwork, chanting, meditation, going for a walk, turning on music and jamming out, or sending out a message of love and appreciation to someone daily.

If you want support in this, you can also access the free training “Living in 100% Joy Now” to support you in discovering all the ways to create joy. 

The list can continue to grow. You can utilize this list of ways you experience more joy, so you have a go-to, then get curious in each moment and let yourself discover even more.

Discovery 7

5 Steps to Freedom: Quick Reference Guide

What am I feeling right now?

Where is it in my body?  (head, chest, stomach, pelvis, etc.)

I notice I feel… (rejected, hurt, sad, like I’m not good enough, etc.)

Why? What am I focused on?

Why am I feeling this way?  What’s the story, thought, perception, belief, or trigger that came up, or what I am putting my attention on?

(Why?  Because when that was said to me, I felt stupid and not good enough.  What this brought up for me is a feeling from my childhood that what I do is never good enough)

Connect as much as possible with why that feeling came up and what it is connected to.

What do I really want right now?

I want… (an epic relationship, to feel safe, connection, to feel supported, to express myself, to experience even more love, freedom, to be happy, feel joyful, etc.)

If this is what I want… is what I am believing, focusing on, or doing going to get me that?  Are the thoughts I’m believing and perceptions I’m having even really true? What other perceptions and possibilities could exist?

What is the feedback I now get to use to get what I want in this circumstance?

What is the new belief, perception, and focus I am choosing to get what I want?

To have what I want, what would I now get to believe?

What would the new belief, perception, and focus now get to be to give me what I want?

Change the perception to come from FAITH energy. See the possibility or belief out of excitement, wonder, and curiosity.

What is the action I get to take now to give myself what I want?

AND… How can it be fun and easy?

In this circumstance, what action would I get to do that is in alignment with and will move me towards what I want? What is the next step?

Ask for what you want to create the solution.

and STATE to match an energy of feeling good and take the ACTION to now create what you want. 

We’ll now go deeper into each step to create even more clarity in moving through each shift.

Change your Vibe

5 Steps

Where to Start


“The Ultimate Life of Having It All”

activation that you can can begin to utilize everyday.

"The Awakened Being: Conversations to Create Change"

podcast show is one of my greatest contributions to the planet I’d encourage you to check out and we’d love you to subscribe & continue to receive access to each show that can shift and activate a new reality.

"Living in 100% Joy Now"

Access open now for free, this is one of our favorite trainings

"Peace for the Planet"

Activations, Trainings & Tools

Free Resources


My top contribution for the most value: 

If you are truly seeking and ready for the path that supports all aspects of the journey then I full heartedly recommend The Best Life Tribe community.  This was created to provide step-by-step support on the journey to living your best life.  Inside, you’ll discover access to activations and meditations, programs and coachings, embodiment tools, breathwork, and even access to all 24 of Marci’s workout videos from her days as TV’s Body-Mind Mentor.  BLT also offers a massive deep dive library of additional trainings to support your health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality, for you to grow and expand in every area of life along with the environment of support to guide you to living an absolutely amazing life. Plus, The Best Life Tribe Facebook community will surround you in an environment of support and accountability as you grow.

This is the BEST place to connect directly with me also, as I do live Break Down to Break Through Open Mic calls every quarter with the tribe, answering questions and doing personal Break Through sessions with Tribe members so that everyone is supported through their deepest resistance.


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There are many meditation bundles and activations for greater expansion to re-code your neural pathways and entire systems to step into a new reality now.  If these call to you, check out the different options to select what supports you best at this time.

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