Portal To Liberation: 

The Sacred Garden of Eden Experience in Colombia

Portal To Liberation: 

The Sacred Garden of Eden Experience in Colombia

November 12 - 21, 2021

Your 7-Day Adventure Into Sacred Sacraments, Clearings, And Activations To Awaken Your Greatest Capacity And Reveal Your True Essence As An Effortless Creator


Discover the answers to your greatest questions, your deepest level of truth, and experience your capacity to create whatever you desire… effortlessly.

Soften the lines of separation between yourself and SOURCE.


Yourself as source.

Cleanse and clear what has been hidden that is imprinted in your body and system.

Open up in awakening to the knowingness of who you are.

This is a remembrance, an activation of codes, and a return to YOU as the sovereign, divine creator of infinite possibilities that you are.

Imagine entering your Garden of Eden…

Imagine a safe and sacred space for you to open up and expand into total liberation from human patterns, programming, underlining frequencies, and unconscious commitments.

Imagine fully embodying your highest frequencies of creation and manifestation so you instantly receive new levels of bliss, peace, love, and abundance in all things as your new reference point of living.

That is what we bring into you to when you come into the sacred portal in Colombia.  

It is a cleansing and clearing of your whole system and the opening to remembrance of your divinity.

It’s a reference point for the unique activation and codes that your soul specifically is seeking and requires. It is your deep healing, cleansing, activation, integration, and TRANSFORMATION.

In Colombia, you’ll:

  • Activate dormant DNA and awaken your greatest gifts and capacity

  • Clear cellular imprinting to return to the knowingness of who you are

  • Align your energy systems to operate from connection and creation

  • Break down unconscious programming and integrate new codes for bliss, luxury, peace, health, and love.

  • Clear and release resistance and behaviors to effortlessly receive your desires.

  • Clear and align each chakra and operating system to its fullest potential to connect all of your multidimensional capabilities and gifts to your daily human experience

    • Open your channel to connect to your highest source and intuition to access your greatest wisdom

    • Open your third eye vision to see beyond all illusion

    • Open and activate your highest level of expression

    • Open and expand your heart consciousness and ability to receive

    • Connect to and awaken your true essence and power center

    • Activate your creation energy and ability to create with ease

    • Fully root and ground yourself into the energy of the planet and your human body


Some of the participants shared that it was the equivalent of 20+ years of self-empowerment work in one week.

"Colombia is something that is so sacred to me. It’s been a big part of my journey. It was a huge piece of my own awakening activation.

What we do in Colombia catapulted my life.

It’s there that my life massively shifted into the wealth that I called in a new level of abundance, because of my level of knowingness and worthiness. From that, I attracted clients ready to invest up to $1MIL per year to work together.

For years, I’ve taken my personal and mastermind clients, but now, I’m opening up this portal to a small group of individuals ready for this level of freedom and liberation.

This is a safe and sacred space to do deep, integration work. You’ll learn how to cleanse and clear your system, allow activation, and release the struggle."

-Marci Lock

Here’s what you can expect

When you fly in, we have someone there and ready to receive you directly from the airport. You are now held in a safe and sacred space where we will fully take care of you. You’ll be joined with a small group of selected individuals, all vibrationally ready for this experience that will become your family. From there, we will travel together to the sacred garden of eden where your transformation begins.

This is gorgeous, restorative, safe, and healing portal designed for this transformation. You are cared for in the most profound ways as you undergo your greatest transformation to awaken to all that you are.

As you receive the gifts of healing your soul requires, you’ll gain access to now operate in the greater dimension of supra-consciousness, flow and bliss state as your norm, awakening your multidimensional abilities, and fully connected to all that you are.

Through this process, you’ll give yourself the greatest gift of releasing that which has been creating suffering in your life.

What was stuck is now an opening that is replaced with a connection to your highest true self, the divinity that you are, allowing you to create your new reality from this place.

Colombia is where you find yourself, what you are capable of, and what you get to release to allow you to now receive and BE your True Self.

Portal To Liberation: The Sacred Garden of Eden Experience in Colombia

You’ll receive personalized activation, breakdown to breakthrough support, individualized clearings, and the deep dive integration work with Marci through the entire process. Along with a team of sacred facilitators which this has been their life’s work on the all-inclusive week experience in Colombia.

Plus, you’ll get access to integration coaching and personalized breakdown to breakthrough support as you implement these shifts into your daily life. This will be through deep-dive group follow-up calls with Marci Lock AKA SunDari for the following 60-days after the experience.

This does not include your flight.

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