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Journey to Remembrance


Break Free from Limitations, 
Heal, Awaken, Remember & 
Align to Your True Potential


Attendees share they feel they have accomplished more than 20-40+ years of personal growth in just one week, and experience a complete rebirth and who they truly are in their Wholeness & Divinity.

Hear from High Level Entrepreneurs & Leaders how it took them to their next level and greatest capacity to Thrive.


"The Most Impactful, Transformative Experience That I've Ever Done With Every Detail At The Highest Calibre."

- Ben

Heal Your Past, Embrace Your Present, and Manifest Your Greatest `Life

With highly experienced medicine facilitators, along with the signature SunDari Marci Lock Medicine Expansion Formula Program,

and months of preparation and integration support guided through every step of the journey for the greatest quantum leap, and these sacred sacrament teachers... you'll strip away layers and stories to reach your natural state of wholeness, awaken your consciousness, activate your gifts, dormant DNA & imprint with higher frequencies to expand & BE who you truly are and came to be. 


Fully Accepting, Trusting, Loving Yourself

to dance with life in flow, prosperity & ease?

Are you ready for a new norm where Peace is your Priority, Freedom your Foundation & Bliss your Baseline?

Experience A “Journey” That Could Lead You Towards Your Complete Wholeness and Greatest Life.

How would this impact YOUR life?

The Journey To Remembrance Is about
coming into direct contact with your innate wholeness, peeling back and dissolving what stands in the way of your highest truest self.

Processing and transforming deep wounds from your childhood, lifetimes of stuck energy, protector parts & programs running unconsciously.​

Experiencing a complete rebirth and detachment from your false/un-natural identities to access True Self, you as Source & your Divine Remembrance. 

It is your birthright to feel completely whole & be so incredibly in love with yourself and ALL of life. 

Being so present in the moment and with a renewed inner strength and inner peace you've never experienced before?

Why join our Ascension Adventure Medicine Expansion Experience?

Are you ready to break free from the chains of limiting beliefs, struggle, and lack that have held you back from experiencing your fullest potential? ​

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Comprehensive Preparation

Receive thorough preparation of mind, body and soul to ensure you are ready to access the depths of healing and awakening available in this sacred, nurturing space.  You will begin your journey in w/  access to online trainings, calls, and whatsapp  support 

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With over 14 years of experience working with plant medicines & psychedelics, SunDari has carefully curated the perfect formula for optimizing the psychedelic experience,  allowing 

the full spectrum of deep healing,  transformation & integration for a quantum life shift. 

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Previously reserved for SunDari's personal Million $ clients and leaders in her mastermind programs, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is now open to select individuals who are ready to fully embrace their ultimate life through heal, awakening and expanding into their greatest gifts and purpose.   

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Safe and Sacred Environment

In a sacred, safe, private and pristine environment you are fully supported in every way for every step of your journey.  You'll be completely nurtured and held in love to allow you to re-code this level of care, attention, acceptance and unconditional love into your reality and fully surrender to everything available.

Retreat Program & What Is Included

From pre-retreat preparation to post-retreat integration,

receive 5 months of comprehensive support.


60 days pre

  • 3 Group Prep Calls 

  • 1:1 facilitator support call

  • Medicine Expansion Formula Access

  • Audio & Video Trainings & Programs to begin to transform your life now 

  • Flexibility Training, Detox Guidance & Health Upgrades 

  • Meditation, Breath & Movement practices

  • Group WhatsApp Preparation Support 


7 days

  • Hape Clearing Ceremony 

  • 2 Psilocybin Ceremonies

  • 1 Bufo - 5Meo-DMT 

  • Daily Group Processing & Integration Support 

  • Co-Regulation Alignment

  • Nature immersion and digital detox

  • Breathwork, Meditation, Movement & Soul Activation 

  • Embodiment - Activations, Rituals, Practices and Tools

  • Recalibration & Integration 


60 days post

  • Group Break Through Integration calls 

  • Integration trainings

  • Re-Coding your Environment to Create a New Reality

  • Practices for implementation

  • Body Alignment Support

  • Daily integration practices 

  • Guided Resources to continual expansion

  • Group Whatsapp Integration Support 


Flexible Payment Plans & Scholarships Are Available.

Medicine Expansion Formula

The Medicine Expansion Formula is a comprehensive program, designed with 6 phases that are a clear road map to guide you through the optimization of working with plant medicine & psychedelic teachers.  

It takes you through every step covering all you require to know about psychedelic preparation, maximizing the medicine experience, and integration.  Our expert guidance and curated resources will help you navigate the challenges and breakthroughs that come with your journey to ensure you with all the tools for the most healing, awakening, expansive and profound life-changing experience.  

We believe there are six essential elements required & that are vital key components that make the difference between scratching the surface and having your greatest transformational experience that changes everything.  

 Our program and support delves into these crucial aspects, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding to fully embrace your journey.