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Hi, i am




 The Alchemist of Light,

and you might also know me as

Marci Lock Mentor

I stand for living in liberation, bliss, and abundance now. I am here to show you the path, give you the tools, and activate all the parts of you, so you can live in a state of heaven on earth, choosing in on, creating and receiving a life you absolutely love.  It is why you are here. 


Together, we can travel the journey from broken to bliss and suffering to serenity, if  you choose in and give yourself permission.


What you are most likely wanting to know, is who is this chick really, has she really been there, done that, does she truly have the results, and does she “Get it” and really can guide others to the results as well.


What if you knew I experienced almost every deep trauma, programming of abuse,
suffering, sacrifice, lack, scarcity, hiding, fear, rejection and unworthiness you can

On my journey, I got to heal and come to peace with ALL areas of life, including
relationships, love, freedom, health and body alignment, self-worth, receiving of money,
pleasure, play, bliss, support, radical self-acceptance and of others, full expression and
safety in being seen, heard, taking up space and choosing the life that is perfect for me,
and much, much, much, much, more. 

Something I have preached for years is that “RESULTS DON’T LIE” because what you have and
are experiencing is a clear reflection of what you are committed to. Anyone can speak a big
game and post pretty pictures, yet for years I have coached the coaches, the high level leaders,
corporations and some of the biggest businesses in the world along with anyone and everyone
in my programs that are truly seeking their freedom and a life they love.


I have the results I do because I truly lived the path of immense struggle, suffering, trauma, pain and deep limiting programs, beliefs, environments and conditioning that most people can’t believe because it is so much.

From my level of success and the results I’ve created in every area of my life, so many people
ask and want to hear the depths of my story, background of experiences, and what I truly came
from. To read a more in depth account of my story and learn more about my journey to
Bliss & Flow Consciousness and a life of Abundance and Liberation, watch the
documentary about my life, or keep reading to hear more...

How did I go from a life of such hardship to being paid over $1Million + to personally work with some of the worlds biggest businesses and high level leaders and influencers?

My journey took me from building an empire of transformation starting on tv as the Body Mind
Mentor and expert, to then being known as the “F&%$ Yes” Life Mentor and Million Dollar
Coach speaking on stages across the world, moving into coaching and consulting some of the
biggest and most successful businesses in the world guiding the top leaders, coaches and
influencers through complete reprogramming of their inner worlds to create massive success in
their lives, along with my passion of deep ascension retreats to activating and awakening all we
are, as well as serving through my programs, products and leading an entire community and
Best Life Tribe through my passion to serve each person seeking their freedom.

The short version most people get a glimpse at of my background is that I was raised ona farm where I learned from the beginning that life was a struggle, sacrifice, servitude,and survival.


By six years old, the scent of Lysol was ingrained in my tiny fingers and hands
from scrubbing church pews alongside my parents, who worked as custodians, cleaning
churches. I was up by 6:00 a.m. to help my parents on our farm.


Growing our own food was not a hobby; we had to so we could eat. I worked in the garden and did chores. Being raised in a very strict religious environment, I learned that I was to show up a certain way to be accepted by others and God and it was not ok to have an opinion, be seen, heard or take up any space. Besides being dirt poor, I was scared. No, terrified. I internalized the stories of scary people in the world doing scary things.


I was afraid of disappointing God, of sickness, of disease, of being attacked, of being heard, of being rejected. I attracted and experienced a world that was very scary, full of abuse, many kidnapping and rape attempts, and a stalker.


All of these experiences only confirmed my fear of the world, people, being seen or showing up any other way then exactly what people wanted from me.

As a teenager, I was suffering from anorexia, bulimia, ulcers, migraines, and physical sickness and symptoms that were constantly a part of my life. I struggled to sleep because I never felt safe. When Iexperienced a stalker at age eleven, I completely stopped sleeping altogether. A problem that only caused more sickness and internal stress on my nervous system. When I was nineteen, I had a heart attack.

Although my biggest health scare was yet to come, these health issues in my youth were already
based on complicated, deep-rooted programs. I assumed I’d have a life that included scraping by financially, settling for safe relationships, and not believing my body was capable of anything other than letting me down.


All I knew was one loss after another.