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1 on 1 Mentorship WITH SUNDARI

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If you are curious for levels of 1 on 1 mentorship with SunDari, this is a year long customized energetic journey through all facets of expansion in your life – business, passion, purpose, health, healing, alignment and embodiment into the remembrance of divinity that you truly are. 
This personal opportunity is limited to only a select few individuals and designed specifically for those achievers who are here for it all. This is for you if you feel you have reached high levels of success and are aware that there are still blocks to transmute and more to expand into for your highest potential. Are you a Leader who still has so much more to discover, give and is desiring the guidance and alignment support to attune all aspects of your reality into even more play, prosperity, pleasure and purpose in your journey to impact the world in a bigger and more meaningful way? I invite you to apply here and get curious of the possibilities.  


The journey of 1:1 Mentorship includes: 

  • Weekly to Monthly deep dive coaching calls based on customized experience 

  • Exclusive 1:1 Immersion experiences 

  • Daily accountability access via WhatsApp

  • 1 + Ascension Adventure Retreat

  • 1 + Personal weekend immersion

  • Access to all of SunDari’s online products, programs and live trainings

  • Ongoing expansive personal support and alchemy from SunDari


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