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"Marci is a genius at shifting your perception of everything you are experiencing in your life so that you can choose to experience something different."

-Tillie Walton

The thing about Marci is she doesn’t tell or sell you an idea of how this works she simply lives it… and by showing and demonstrating that, we, as her students are able to access the potential and possibility in a whole new way.

-Tim Matthews

"No words can describe how amazing the event with Marci was! I am still integrating so much and my mind continues to expand. Thank you so much!, you truly are an angel and I am so grateful. The ripple effect from this event will be incredible as we all continue to pay it forward.

Love you! ❤🙏❤ "

-Brad Cusworth

"I went from trying to accomplish a goal for a year and two months to the using the conscious commitments course and five step n’ all over the place that Marci has Provided then getting my goal DONE in 3 weeks."


-Teula Tetreault

"I had a great day diving deep into activating higher frequencies with Marci Lock in Melbourne. This was one of the deepest and most powerful alignment sessions I have attended for a long time. If you are looking to raise your vibrations and learn some simple tools to embody more peace, flow, joy and bliss then I can’t recommend Marci’s work enough. ❤️ #iamenough"

-Michael Atma

HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these opportunities. DO IT! You’ll be a far better version of yourself on the other end!

-Brittney Bergen

"This experience on Saturday with Marci was out of this world. Marci is the most inspirational person I’ve ever been in a room with, the energy in that room was incredible, the activation meditation was something I’ve never experienced. The experience I had with the others in the room was such a memorable experience. I had a fear off the ocean from since I was a child, yesterday I went to the ocean and dived into the waves, and I’m now 50 years old, so it’s been about 40 years since I’ve dived into the waves, it was so invigorating, I’m forever grateful Marci ,Thank you so much."


-Brad Grant

"I am insanely grateful for this woman! Upeveling so fast I wonder if I was asleep before :)

It's funny... when I wrote a post to call in my soulmate mentor I was so specific on what I was looking for and a lot of people commented that it sounded like I was looking for ME. Among my specifics that the person has to be a crazy badass creator who is all about the INNER work, and does not identify as an IMer. "It's you, Kat!", they said. Just you! Which I appreciated, the sentiment of... but I also believed there is someone out there who is 'me' but next level me; the perfect reflection of the me I can't yet see, or was not fully in integrity with.

And I was right :)

Trust me, no matter how much you know your stuff... there is someone out there who knows how to help you know and own it in flow even more powerfully.

Thank you Marci for continually shining a light where I didn't yet know to look. "


-Kat Loterzo

"When Marci gives a training with an Assignment, You go ALL in! I uncovered so much scarcity and lack that were these tiny glimpses. Most of them were so far from what’s even true in my reality! I was a bit surprised to capture these old ways of thinking and what I discovered was when they showed up, I went to a distraction or disassociation which isn’t powerful or conscious! They’re sneaky little gremlins and now that I’m focused on implementing the new, I can already see them vanishing! No more room for them. My mind goes to the new behavior. This is in just a few days since I’ve taken this on!

Thank you, once again, Marci for leading the way in getting clear and creating a life of true Freedom!

So much love."

-Christine Miskinis

"Happy Day!

I'm celebrating me! I am so proud of myself!

I am doing it! Kicking ass! I've been tracking with LLF sheet for a month today!

The biggest awareness I had was I would do everything except check-in here.

It was very interesting.

Even though I wasn't checking in here I decided to stretch myself daily.

An example has been wearing the bold amazing outfits that I feel like a Goddess in instead of the safe comfortable one that allows me to blend in & not be seen.

I've upped myself care practice to a whole new level & the Universe has met me with so much abundance & luxury. Its incredible.

I'm experiencing a whole new level of flow.

I really feel like I've quantum leaped in just the month I've been in here.

I'm giving myself permission to shine my light so fucking bright and thrive from my zone of genius.

Today, I launched a girls empowerment group program & some old stuff showed up & I was able to move through & clear it so quickly.

I feel the momentum in truly making a massive impact with women & children through circle programs and growing my business & making this a 7 figure year.

Everything is coming together quite effortlessly.

I'm doing less which I've heard about for awhile but its now clicking & I'm being & honoring me.

Thank you so much for this safe space.

I appreciate it💚"

-Nicholle Caldwell

"I'm receiving fully that life really does get to be pleasure, play, freedom, adventure, abundance, and that my frequency... and the actions that flow from that frequency are what's creating my reality.

How I don't have to settle for a "less than" experience, as long as I'm willing to take responsibility for what I'm creating, and take the corresponding actions to receive and create what I want... and there's no cap on what I can create!

I'm noticing how I've been so fixed on mastering the HOW of creating what I want, and that there's actually a lot of ways to create what I want, and the biggest determining factors are....

•my impeccable integrity 

•my mastery of communication

•knowing my worthiness

•trusting that every "negative experience" is truly temporary and each holds a code to my greater remembrance and personal power.

•acting with certainty that I'm creating greater and greater

I'm seeing now:

It's almost as if I put some major restrictions on myself to see if I could muster the effort to "succeed from the bottom" just like "everyone else"... and in doing so I received some major codes of self-reliance, resourcefulness, resilience, ingenuity, commitment, self-confidence and sovereignty...

And at the same time, I have all of this support! And things get to be easy and fun!

So bringing this higher personal standard and self mastery into alignment with recognizing/receiving the sheer abundance, support, and awesomeness that's always been here."


-Daniel Hosher

"The most funnnnn, blissful & magical VIP time with the Magic Marci Lock 🤩The journey from masculine to feminine, from head to heart, from unconscious to conscious is one of the most beautiful experiences.Allowing me experience life in such beauty, full of the most blissful and magical experiences.Seeing and accepting that life is perfect the way it is.No need to change anything or anytime.I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, I’m good looking enough, I’m strong enough, I’m enough. Simply surrendering to life as it is right now. Being happy, whole and complete with the magic and beauty that surrounds us.The more I expand on this journey, the less struggle, sacrifice and frustration I experience.And the more ease, fun and flow I also experience. That’s the essence of being. Birds don’t struggle for flying, it’s so effortless and easy for them. I love having a way to make life much simpler and easier by getting out of my own way and enjoyyyyying life NOW.Instead of living in the game of sacrifice... of “not enjoying now but I will when I X...”For me, I use to live in that paradigm, aka “futurism”.The most important moment in life is now. How are you enjoying this moment? Marci has been instrumental in shifting the way I live."


-Ben Pottinger

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