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Ascension Adventures

Ascension Adventures

Welcome to Ascension Adventures Retreats, where we offer transformative experiences to assist you on your journey to discovery, awakening & transformation as you access higher levels of consciousness to activate & live from your Divine Remembrance of Wholeness.

These immersions around the world are Led by SunDari ~Marci Lock, a renowned life mastery, embodiment and ascension mentor, our retreats are designed to take you through the entire journey of alchemical transformation and awakening through working with these sacred plant medicine & psychedelic teachers to integrate and create your greatest life experience of liberation.


These retreats offer a unique opportunity to connect with your true self, gain the tools, access the wisdom and guidance that lies within to imprint with your own self mastery as your new blueprint of being to live your life to the fullest.

Our retreats also include 5 months of preparation to integration support, along with access to The Medicine Expansion Formula, a comprehensive program, designed with 6 phases as a clear road map to guide you through the optimization of working with plant medicine & psychedelic teachers.  It takes you through every step covering all you require to know about psychedelic preparation, maximizing the medicine experience, and integration.  

At Ascension Adventures Retreats, we believe that every person has the potential to live their greatest divine life and to experience their true liberation & joy as a sovereign creator and integrated embodied soul.  With our specific formula, we cover all the pieces that make the difference between scratching the surface and having your greatest transformational experience that changes everything.  


We offer a range of transformative experiences that are designed to assist you on your journey wherever you are at.  Each retreat group is selected and curated to be an aligned group of individuals.  Our experienced team and facilitators can assist you in getting clarity as to what sacred sacraments and experiences your soul is feeling the most called to and other avenues of transformation as well.  Our application process ensures that it is an absolute fit or we will guide you to other resources that are.  Please fill out an application for the next steps and support. 


We look forward to joining you on this sacred journey. 

Upcoming Colombia "Portal Of Liberation" Retreats - Ayahuasca / Hape'

  • 13th - 20th April 2024 - With SunDari & Sangeet 

Upcoming "Journey to Remembrance" Retreats - Psilocybin / Bufo/ Hape' 

  • 11th - 19th May 2024 Netherlands - With SunDari & Sangeet - NOW OPEN

  • 1st - 8th June 2024 Netherlands - With SunDari & Sangeet - NOW OPEN


Customized Private Immersion Experiences - With SunDari & Sangeet 

Fill out an application to submit your request ~

🎥 "The Way of The Healer" 🎥 Documentary Trailer is Finally HERE

I've been blessed to personally witness the vision birthed to manifestation by the amazing Darieth Chisolm, after attending her first Ayahuasca retreat w/ me in Colombia. 🏔️ She had incredible transformation, healing, awakening of consciousness & her soul was ignited. In the integration, she connected to this vision & next calling that lit up her soul🔥 👐 She also signed up for "Journey To Remembrance" retreat, where we introduced her to Bufo & Psilocybin,🍄 & she again had incredible experiences into her next level of expansion and divine guidance. 💛 And HERE we are ~ after a year of her dedication & filming all over the world - 🌍 🙏 I am honored to be featured in this docuseries & to share the trailer with you now. 🤩

Watch this video before you apply

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