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Medicine Expansion Formula 

The Medicine Expansion Formula is a comprehensive program, designed with 6 phases as a clear road map to guide you through the optimization of working with plant medicine & psychedelic teachers.  It takes you through every step covering all you require to know about psychedelic preparation, maximizing the medicine experience, and integration. Our expert guidance and curated resources will help you navigate the challenges and breakthroughs that come with your journey to ensure you with all the tools for the most healing, awakening, expansive and profound life-changing experience. 

We believe there are six essential elements required & that are vital key components that make the difference between scratching the surface and having your greatest transformational experience that changes everything.  

Our program and support delves into these crucial aspects, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding to fully embrace your journey.

The Medicine Expansion Freedom Formula is a highly recognized program and tool used across the globe by retreat centers & medicine facilitators in supporting their participants through each stage of the journey for their greatest outcome. 


The core of our formula focuses on three pivotal stages: Preparation - Experience - Integration 

Preparation Phases : 1 - 3 

Also includes - 3 Group Calls - 1 Personal Call with Team / Support Facilitator 

This goes way beyond just setting your intentions and tuning into what you want to release and receive. We believe this preparation phase is vital to truly have the type of experience that is available. 


Phase 1

Inner Preparation to Expansion

This dives into your inner reality to begin healing, alchemizing and making changes NOW in your life.  You don’t have to wait until your medicine experience.  In  fact, the more we clear and heal now, is what allows the medicine to take you so much further and deeper into your expansion.


You begin with two of SunDari’s Signature Core Programs - 

Unconscious Commitments & Freedom Activators 


*Unconscious Commitments Program: with this, you are guided to discover these core commitments running as well as the hidden programs that are the core roots creating your reality.  

Through this guidance, you begin to see clearly everything that is not working in your life and that you are wanting to heal, release and are ready to upgrade.  You learn the tools to begin making these changes now, and create new conscious commitments that your system can believe and implement into your reality.


*In SunDari’s Program : Freedom Activatorsyou will learn to become your own greatest alchemist that can process through and shift anything that is in resistance. As you learn to do this, you already begin changing your life and bringing it into alignment at a micro level and learn how to play with the energy that you can more thoroughly work with the medicine.


*The Importance of Prep & Your Intentions - you’ll discover how to set intentions and release anything that can get in the way, and how to begin to pre-pave your upcoming experience, connecting to the medicine and designing your most expansive experience.


Inner Prep to Expand - addresses what to expect pre-retreat and how to move through fears, resistance and whatever is showing up. 

Phase 2

Body Vessel Alignment 

The cleaner your body vessel is, the easier it can receive the sacred medicines and the easier it is for your experience.  This is an opportunity to upgrade your health through detoxification tools, health hacks, movement training to be able to move energy, and utilize these powerful resources to clean out your physical body and system, your energetic rainbow light body, awaken to your body consciousness and start living free, healthy and clear.  We have many participants that have shed 10-40+ lbs in the preparation stage, and achieved their health and fitness goals all before going to retreat. 

Trainings Include:

  • Upgrades To Cleanse Your Vessel

  • Feast - Fast Detox & Health Hacks

  • Flexibility Training 

  • Longevity Breath Play- to Activate Youth & Align Energy 

Phase 3

Integration Prep & What To Expect / Logistics & Details 

The training of this phase focuses on key tips to allow you to imprint with the information during your medicine journeys, as more than 85% gets blocked by the ego once you are out of the experience.  You’ll learn the tools to capture & receive all of it, as well as what steps you’ll require to capture and integrate them.  All the logistic and details to support you in preparing for your journey and your integration after.  

Get informed on what you can expect after your retreat, and what you require to know now to set yourself up for success and in the integration phase after.  You’ll become aware of all the important pieces for re-integrating into the world with your family, career, business, and life.  

Experiential Phases: 4 - 5

Phase 4

Inner Realms Journey - Safety to Expand  

In this phase you get several training sessions to begin to create your own experience of safety to allow yourself to expand beyond your mind and body, connect to your Highest Self Consciousness & explore the vastness of all you are.  Most people have deep fears of “letting go” and allowing themselves to expand into the “unknown.” This can block & limit their expansive experience and the imprinting that happens to know who they truly are, going beyond this human illusion.  

Phase 5

Your Medicine Playground  

This phase dives into what to expect during your plant medicine and psychedelic experience, and how to navigate it effectively.  This includes being aware of ways you can block the medicine or yourself from receiving it, get stuck, or take yourself out of the experience.  

You’ll develop the tools and techniques to become the greatest alchemist and energy jedi that can stay with the energy, remain present, surrender, allow, and fully participate with the medicine for your full healing and awakening.

BONUS - You’ll also get access to “Table Talks - Break Through Conversations” from  SunDari’s Past Retreats - in these audios, you’ll be able to hear the questions participants have come up during the medicine experiences, and the guidance SunDari gives to working through them, to better prepare yourself in the variety of ways to work with these sacred teachers. 

Post Integration Phase: 6
Also includes - 3 Group Calls - 1 Personal Follow Up Call with Team /Support Facilitator

Phase 6

The Homestretch - Integration & Re-Coding Your New Reality 

This final phase will guide you through how to capture and imprint with everything you received.  You’ll know the steps to integrate everything into your life, and how to implement the actions to upgrade your current reality to align now with the new imprinting and frequency attunement of who you truly are, that you experienced.

Learn how to take clear aligned action, shift patterns and behaviors, and to navigate the ongoing process that is your sacred integration space for continual expansion and to be fully supported.  

The moment you say yes to this experience and the medicine, life begins to churn and open to create change.  We’ve included these bonus trainings because they are instrumental tools to effectively and more easily transmute trauma, see from higher awareness, upgrade consciousness and allow you to heal and alchemize whatever is here for you right now. 

This will assist you in upgrading and expanding your life now, even before you enter into the retreat experience and take your experience that much further.  

Additional Resources - to support you in your journey 

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