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Meditation & Activation Bundles

Meditation & Activation


Meditation & Activation


I Joyfully Release To Joyfully Receive Activation

I Joyfully Release To Joyfully Receive Activation


Discover Your Ultimate Energy Clearing And Upgrade

Release the programming, stuck energy, and blocks that get built up inside and project out into the world because it is what you are VIBRATING. 


Receive and allow the fuel that powers your spiritual growth to FLOW. 


So that you unleash your fullest, divine expression of life that is your greatest joy and fulfillment. 


That is why you are here.


Through breathwork, chakra clearing, and other releasing techniques to cleanse and clear the stuckness, you’ll feel new life force energy moving through your consciousness, body, and spirit as you enter remembrance of your truest and natural state of being in joy, peace, abundance, and love.


Utilize this activation routinely to release and receive so that you can create greater abundance in all areas of life.

Chakra Alignment Activation

Chakra Alignment Activation

Activate And Energize The Powerful Codes Within You


Discover the ancient wisdom and healing vibration of mantras to activate codes within you. 


Through this activation, you’ll tap into the cellular language that is vibrating deep within us, reaching and shifting the parts of us that other languages can’t touch or shift to create deep, powerful, and lasting transformation.


When chakras get blocked, life force energy gets blocked and resistance shows up in our lives. As we clear and activate our chakras, more life energy runs through and we live in harmony with our truest and highest self.

With this chakra activation, you’ll unlock the single seed sound of the universe to activate your body and your system. It ignites your expansion, your freedom, your bliss, your joy, and absolute liberation to live a life you love.


This is medicine for your soul.


Utilize this transformative chakra activation to continuously re-align and expand into more and more bliss, liberation, and abundance in your life.

Inner Child Healing & Timeline Hop Activation

Inner Child Healing & Timeline Hop Activation

Shift The Timeline Of Your Life Experience Now


This channeled activation supports you in creating a pathway to your inner child and your highest, true self to activate remembrance of your divinity along with an actual timeline hop to shift any experiences or traumas that are holding you back.


By creating a space where your inner child can feel safe to be fully seen, heard, and felt, you rewrite and shift the way you are operating, releasing old stories, frameworks, or programs so you can create a completely new timeline experience of life now.


Utilize this healing activation to create an open, expressed, connected relationship with your inner child and integrate this new remembrance into your daily life as a channel of healing to receive greater and greater.

Abundance Embodiment Activation 

Abundance Embodiment Activation 

Activate your prosperity codes


Are you ready to release any blockages and stuck energy within your system that are keeping you from vibrating and embodying abundance which therefore allows you to continually attract and receive even more of it?  


This special channeled activation incorporates specific breathwork to deeply oxygenate the body and moves trauma, frozen or stuck energy and emotions from the body that are connected to your worthiness of being fully supported and living in Abundance as your normal vibration and way of being. 


Throughout this experience, you learn many tools and ways of connecting to and aligning yourself with abundance.  You’ll be guided through a new imprinting process to activate and connect your system to receiving abundance with ease and grace, trust your sovereignty, to encode everything you offer to the world with a high frequency and vibration that it is easily received by the world, and for you to magnetize prosperity to you along with alignment to abundance in every aspect of life, that you truly are the EMBODIMENT of Abundance.

Journey to Remembrance Retreat 2.png

As I WAKE UP today Activation

ReCode yourself to your highest alignment

As I wake up today, is both a waking meditation and activation in one...
that gives direction to your body, mind, and energy as to exactly what it will experience, create and receive that day.
It at the same time, encodes new beliefs into your system about life, people, abundance, creation.
and powerfully puts out a frequency and declarations to the world of exactly what you are choosing to align to, attract and receive for the day and for your life.
This is a powerful tool we recommend you push play on as you wake up, and allow it to guide you to energetically grid the day ahead of you.
and align your life to the joy, bliss, peace, prosperity, magic and miracles that are everywhere and in everything.
This is one of the favorites of The Best Life Tribe Community as well as SunDari’s, that she still uses when she wakes up everyday.
Enjoy this powerful gift to start living everyday the life you truly deserve and desire.

Live Channeled Higher Self ReCoding Activation

ReCode yourself to your highest alignment


We are so grateful this Live Channeled Activation was captured as SunDari was guided to open the space for a live activation in her “Unlocking Your Abundance” event in Australia.  Allowing herself as the vessel, she trans-channeled the Sirian High Council to come in and completely re-code and restructure the DNA and cells of the physical 3D Body, to be able to align to 6th Dimensional & Higher frequencies of light into the systems of all who receive this. 


Through breath, toning, light language and the codes being given through this activation, your system is completely re-structured to open up and awaken dormant dna, cleanse and clear your cells, shed lower density frequencies from your system and align to your highest self consciousness, that is already existing in the reality you desire.  


Please utilize this when you can be lying down and completely able to follow the breathwork that takes you into a hypoxic state for your system to more easily be re-calibrated and where you can lay down, follow along and allow all of the support of these higher light beings to assist your system in attuning to your highest vibration of Divinity.

Live Channeled Higher Self ReCoding Activation

Optimal Body Of Freedom

Meditation Bundle


1.    Intro to Meditations (5:10)

2.    Direction to Cellular Instructions (4:36) 

3.    AM Cellular Design (8:50)

4.    PM Night time Cellular Design (5:58)

5.    Perfect Body of Health (10:32)

6.    Daily Declarations (4:26)

7.    See it / Believe it Visualization (12:22)

8.    Create the Body I Desire Visualization (28:02)


This meditation bundle is the perfect starter-pack for raising your vibration, designing your ultimate body of freedom, manifesting your desires, and creating your best life. 

Manifestation Mastery Meditation Bundle

Manifestation Mastery

Meditation Bundle 

1.    Intro Meditations (5:10)

2.    Today (8:38)

3.    My Balanced Life (9:10)

4.    The World, Life, People/Relationships (9:29)

5.    Love & Gratitude (8:32)

6. Money Consciousness  

BONUS: Ultimate Life of Having it All Visualization (45:09)


This meditation bundle is designed to accelerate the manifestation of your best life with 5 meditations to shift your vibration into effortless receiving of prosperity, health, peace, bliss, and love.

Release to Receive  Meditation Bundle

Release to Receive

Meditation Bundle

1.    Intro to Meditations (5:10)

2.    Directions for Quick Emotional Release (2:41)

3.    Quick Emotional Release Meditation (8:33)

4.    Releasing the Resistance (8:32)

5.    Empowering Beliefs I Now Choose (7:42)

6.    Let Go & Create Visualization (15:46)

With this meditation bundle, you receive 4 transformational meditations for breaking through the resistance to receiving so you can effortlessly create your greatest experience of life.

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