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VIP Experience

VIP Experience

What does a VIP experience look like with Marci?

“Bringing The Multidimensional and Millionaire together In One Transformational Experience”

Imagine yourself held in a divine sacred space for your complete unraveling, where all parts of you become open to receiving and everything you desire is integrated into alignment with your highest true self.

Imagine experiencing quantum upgrades in every single area of life because you now hold a reference point for operating in the highest states of prosperity, abundance, and bliss.

It’s a feeling of truth and knowingness that finally clicks in your system and you open up your greatest gifts, capabilities, and possibilities that you never knew existed.

And it is all designed specifically for YOU to create your maximized transformation in one day.

This experience is personalized on a soul-level for you deepest activation, integration, cleaning and clearing on cellular and DNA levels, heart mapping, divinity codes, and inner guidance to the underlying frequencies to manifest your best life.

Your luxury and abundance codes instantly uplevel the moment you enter this container.

One client created his first $50,000 contract within 3-days of a VIP experience, which was more than 4x what he even believed was possible.

So, once again, imagine all that becomes available to you through YOUR Transformational VIP Experience That Changes Everything.

Here is the framework for moving into this sacred process:

  1. We Will Have A Pre-call And Create An Individualized Blueprint Of Your Path To Maximized Transformation Based On What Your Soul Requires.

  2. Together, We Will Activate Your Journey And You Will Be Held In Ultimate Love, Support, And Liberation Codes On Your Vip Experience Day Or Days.

  3. After The Vip Experience, We Will Connect For One Integration Call To Follow-up And Support You As You Return And Embody Your New Way Of Be-ing And Elevate All Areas Of Life.

In the past, this opportunity was only available to high-level personal clients and at an investment of as much as a million dollars for one year of coaching. Now, you have the opportunity to receive the depth of light and liberation available in the containers Marci creates in just one day.

You are held in the presence of an alchemist genius, witnessing every part of you to recode to your highest liberation. There is no fear too big or too small that gets to be transformed into your greatest strength to move forward.

Because you are worthy of support, bliss, and luxury. And you are your greatest investment.

If this calls to you:

I spent 2.5 days with Sundari in a deep dive immersion in Bali earlier this year and came home and QUADRUPLES my business in a week.


My mentoring with her has also drastically changed the way i help with my clients. We get to cut through the surface level self empowerment stuff and get to the REAL DEAL that causes dramatic shifts in people’s lives

-Holly Loxton

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