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Gateway To Divinity

the golden temple of india

Gateway To Divinity

the golden temple of india

Join SunDari AKA Marci Lock on an extraordinary journey and transformation into heart-centered consciousness and activation into the divinity that you are.

We’ll also be supported through the experience and joined with one of her spiritual teachers Brahmankyrie.

Experience the full majesty of Hindu culture and spend time with the incarnation of the Divine Mother in physical form, Sri Sakthi Amma.

This spiritual retreat will activate, expand, and accelerate you in every way possible, waking up more of who you really are, unlocking your divine potential and bringing you that much closer to the divine.

Brahmankyrie shares her story of how connecting with the divine mother transformed her life experience from living as a model dealing with addictions to experiencing deep inner peace, love, and light in all things. Now, she will lead you on your adventure in India, guiding you to in your own life-changing transformations, upleveling, and ascension through daily clearing, healing, puja, abundance and healing rituals and meditation.

This really is a trip of a lifetime. The experience profound consciousness upgrades to be able to align to an upgraded time and reality. Amma’s endless blessings will expand your life, your business, and your world.  

22-27 September 2020


$4888 for a guided week of transformational in India

Includes your tuition, food, and accommodation for 5 days/ 6 nights in the ashram. You will be sharing a room with 1-2 other people, and each room has its own shower and toilet. Men in women will be housed separately unless married. Does not include flights, additional nights, or transportation to the ashram, and we can assist you in arranging these things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay after the retreat?

You can absolutely stay on after the retreat. There are usually lots of people there from all over the world so you won’t be alone. We are wholly held in Amma’s grace when we are there. We are very protected and kind of like we are in our own little love bubble.  It’s awesome!!!!

Can you recommend a place to stay before or after the retreat?

There are lots of great places to stop over in Dubai and also India if you wanted to get there early. The Radisson Blu in Chennai (Room rate $140 per night twin share) and also at the Marco Polo hotel in Dubai (Room rate $80 per night twin share) are two great choices. We can send you more information on this if you are interested.

How much is transportation to the ashram?

Cars to and from the ashram for a 6-person car cost about $60 US one way. So it’s very reasonable. We can assist you with making these arrangements.

What do I get to bring?

We will assist you in knowing all of the information you require after booking, including exactly what you will want to pack.

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