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Private Retreats

Exclusive Private Retreats

Access Your Full Potential 
Cuztomized Private Retreats for High-Profile Individuals, Couples & Companies

Discover the ultimate customized retreat experience tailored to high-profile individuals, couples and companies, designed to quantum shift into the changes you truly desire.   


Creating aligned hyper focused shifts promote self-exploration, creativity, and personal growth. Choose from 3 to 5-day customized retreats for individuals, couples, or intimate groups of friends.

Unlock Your Inner Potential

Our retreats offer a unique opportunity for personal development in a nurturing environment, with a team of experienced facilitators and assistants ensuring your safety and individualized experience.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery Incorporating a range of creative practices, such as movement, art, bodywork, yoga, shiatsu, and meditation, our retreats are tailored to your personal journey and growth objectives.

Your Private Retreat Includes:

  • A 3 to 10 day customized immersion in a nourishing serene Luxurious accommodation 

  •  self-preparation

  • Nutritious vegan or vegetarian meals

  • 3 Pre-retreat 1-on-1 deep dive coaching sessions 

  • 3 Post retreat three additional sessions 

  • Custom guidelines and techniques for psychedelic sessions

  • One or two expertly guided psychedelic ceremonies

  • Exclusive soundscapes

  • Personalized self-inquiry and creative workshops

  • Post-retreat integration program

  • Somatic practices, including yoga, mindful meditation, breathwork and creative movement

  • Relaxing massages


Investment in Your Growth

For pricing details on our bespoke private retreats, please contact us directly. Costs may vary based on duration, selected package, and the number of participants.

Begin Your Journey

Today To start your transformative experience, complete the application via the link below, and provide your preferred retreat dates at least six months in advance. Unleash your potential and embark on the journey of a lifetime with our exclusive Private Retreats.

"I Feel a renewed inner strength and peace. This experience is unlike anything else and has created profound results in my life.  It quantum leaped me in every way to  start living my best life from a place of knowing who I am"  

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Let’s Expand Together

Get in touch so we can start working together on your tailored retreat.

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