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Journey to Rememberance


Journey to Rememberance

Sacha Munay | Sacred Valley, Peru

Sept. 1 – 7, 2019

Reveal the luminous divinity that lies within… Your journey into sacred plant medicine to rediscover physical, mental, emotional and spiritual remembrance who you are.

Experience the transformational plant medicine teachers of Ayahuasca, Huachuma, and Rapé in the sacred mountains where we peel away layers of patterns and conditioning to activate your life force energy and open your capacity to operate in bliss, love, peace, and abundance.

Imagine waking up in The Sacred Valley of the Incas surrounded by ancient wisdom and palpable spiritual energy.  Stunning mountains tower over verdant valleys and cobblestone streets.

Here, you rediscover your natural state of operating in peace, love, joy, pleasure, and prosperity.

You shift into new programs and beliefs that feel true to you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level as you cleanse and clear blockages, open your energy centers and embody your truth.

This sacred journey into medicine, ritual meditation, yoga, dance, breathwork, deep restorative integration, rituals, and ceremonies reconnects you with your divinity… so you can create your most blissful and abundant experience of life in all things.

Plant medicine is the quickest route to source. It’s an opening up and awakening to the knowingness of who you are. And it is an honor to share a greater understanding of plant medicine with you. So, if you’ve been curious about plant medicine, this audio will give you a greater understanding of the experience, the process, and the possibilities, I invite you to listen to this deeper conversation around plant medicine.

Throughout the Loveolution Journey To Remembrance Retreat In Peru, you will be held in the loving support of your facilitators, Dustin, Ixchel, and Marci Lock. 

Together, they will shine the light of love to illuminate all of the unconscious beliefs, patterns, and agreements. that are holding you back from living a life of freedom. 

The spark of their love ignited in 2015 upon the dance floor in the magical vortex of Ubud, Bali. Since the moment that their souls recognized each other, they have been deepening their commitment to each other and dedicating themselves to service in spreading the sacred container of the Loveolution.

They are extremely passionate about creating a field of transformation in which they are all equals, one that allows for repression to flow into expression and a space in which all feel safe to authentically share their personal truth.​

Ixchel & Dustin’s shared mission is to catalyze a graceful transition from duality to oneness, and from fear to love so humanity can live in remembrance of our divinity & connection to all of creation.

Marci Lock, also known as SunDari – The Alchemist of Light and Liberation is a Global Change Agent for deep & rapid transformation.


She specializes in breaking through the underlying unconscious commitments, deprogramming and un-learning what is unconsciously operating as well a how to then bring it into micro-alignment and daily integration & embodiment utilizing plant medicine, cellular cleansing and clearing, DNA activation, coding, and other healing modalities. 


She bridges the gap and shows us how to own ALL parts of who we are from the Multidimensional Mystic, Millionaire & Holy Human. She has worked with some of the biggest businesses and leaders in the world in coming into alignment with their Highest Self and in all they do, create and BE.  


These individuals have had to be committed to a $1Million + investment to mentor with her personally and so we are really grateful we get to have her level of expertise and gifts in such a sacred container, allowing us to go deep into cleansing, integration, and embodiment.


We will spend the first five days at an exquisite retreat center surrounded by mountains and a waterfall in the sunny Sacred Valley.  During this time we’ll experience a Despacho Ceremony, a Cacao Ceremony, an Ayahuasca Ceremony, a Huachuma Ceremony, and a Temezcal Ceremony. 


The schedule will be different each day, but will always include embodiment practices, a session or ritual around empowerment, one of the ceremonies, dining together and some free time – our tentative schedule looks like:

  • 1st – Opening Welcome Cacao & Despacho Ceremony

  • 2nd – Chakra Breathwork – Core Wound Session – Yin Yoga – Ayahuasca Ceremony

  • 3rd – Yoga – Personalized Individual Sessions – Temazcal Ceremony

  • 4th – Huachuma Ceremony – Breathwork, Dance, Waterfall Hike – Personalized Individual Sessions

  • 5th – Journey to Ollantaytambo to a magical Sound Dome for a Sound healing concert – Vistadome train journey to Machu Picchu

  • 6th – Machu Picchu adventure with local Spiritual Guides – Hot Springs

  • 7th – Vistadome train ride – Closing Ceremony at Ollantaytambo Ruins

Energetic Exchange

Pricing is all-inclusive for the duration of our time together.


The 5-Steps To Freedom Audio Coaching Program From Marci Lock

 Receive the practical tools to break through any blocks or resistance that shows up and transmute it to rapidly manifest your desires so that you can continuously receive greater and greater levels of health, wealth, love, joy, and pleasure.


Marci Lock’s Releasing Your Unconcious Commitments Audio Coaching Program

Deep dive into your unconscious programming, beliefs, and commitments that are keeping you stuck in struggle or sacrifice and learn to shift them into CONSCIOUS commitments to create the experiences in life you truly desire.

Diving into these prior to the retreat experience will allow a deep awareness for us to release, receive & integrate new conscious commitments into our reality.


Get Instant Access to Marci’s “Have It All” Guided Meditation 

Available now at!  (No purchase required.)

Shared Double Room – $3700

Single – $4400

Deluxe Single – $4700

(Does not include airfare)

Space is limited to 13 participants!

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