Aligned to Manifest

Manifest The Vision Of 

The Life You Absolutely Love Now

Why is it we set goals every year and less than 3% of people actually ever achieve them? 
Are you:
  • Tired of writing the same goals every year and never making much progress?

  • Tired of feeling like there’s a gap keeping you from the prosperity, relationship, or wellness you desire?

  • Tired of experiencing the same cycles of life again and again?

  • Tired of feeling stuck just outside of what you REALLY want?

  • Tired of not seeing little forward movement toward your dreams?

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  • Know how to CONSISTENTLY manifest your desires?

  • BE in a state of spiritual, financial, physical, and emotional abundance?

  • Finally achieve the dreams, desires, and calling on your heart?

  • Get clear on exactly what you want and how to align to it and make it a reality?

  • Embody the frequencies to live in bliss, liberation, and abundance NOW?

Want to know


aren’t getting there?

You are not aligned to the vision of WHAT YOU WANT

why you just

Let’s get clear.  You will always MANIFEST whatever you vibrate.  So whatever you have right now, is exactly what you are aligned to receive. 

If you want to change it and receive the manifestation of that vision of your ultimate life, or even the next steps towards that, then just having a vision, setting goals and barreling into actions you think will create it is not going to bring it about.  If that was working then everyone would be manifesting their dream life from setting goals, planning and thinking it through.  

Everything internally gets to match the frequency of what you want.  That means the patterns, behaviors, and actions also get to come into alignment with the frequency of what you are now calling in and claiming your life to be.  As you learn to see what is operating unconsciously and creating a misalignment of what you really want, then you can learn to attune to and EMBODY the vibration of your vision and ultimate desires.  You get to become the Alignment to the Vision for you to receive your dreams and desires.

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Would you          a step-by-step process for ALIGNING to and MANIFESTING

anything you want?

Know How To Clear The Unconscious Shit and Finally Manifest The Life You REALLY Want?….


Aligned to Manifest

Seeing so many people doing the same thing over and over again, year after year at New Years and continuing to make little improvement towards their ultimate life, Marci felt inspired to open the door and share these life-altering tools and truths that she lives by and teaches her Million Dollar Clients.

She is sharing the “real deal” codes she uses day by day and in her life to always be aligned to manifest whatever she is desiring and how to effortlessly receive it. Her track record and results along with all the coachings speak for themselves.

From Manifesting her first Million Dollar client within weeks of the vision and decision of it to living a life of absolute freedom to go wherever she wants to go, serve and do in whatever way she wants, when she wants and being aligned to have all things show up in ease and grace, fully supported to receive. She wants to share these core alignment tools and understanding with so many more that we can ALL Receive and Rise together in Love.

You’ll join her as she guides you through the Aligned to Manifest Process step-by-step as you learn how to bring everything you want into alignment with your dreams & goals. 

you’ll receive everything you require to fully integrate and align with an entirely new way of being so you can transform your life and keep it continually evolving and receiving as you expand. You’ll get the tools and shifts so you know how to ALWAYS manifest and receive.

This is an in-depth, highly exclusive embodiment & integration trainings that Marci has only taught her Million Dollar Clients that will take you through ALIGNMENT of your life to BE and VIBRATE what you want every day.


With a Sacred 6-months group coaching support container...

Imagine what is possible for you when you are                            your vision…

Aligned to Manifest

"I went from trying to accomplish a goal for a year and two months to the using the conscious commitments course and five step n’ all over the place that Marci has Provided to then getting my goal DONE in 3 weeks." 

“I had investments stuck and stagnant for over a year, and after diving in with Marci and implementing her teachings, and everything shifted and changed. Within days I woke up to a message that my investments broke through the ceiling and I made $400K. That's just a tiny smidgen of what is possible.”


“Marci’s programs have completely transformed my life. I experience more abundance, peace, flow, joy, pleasure, and love than I ever thought was possible before discovering Marci. If you want to change your life BUY everything Marci has to offer. It’s 1000% worth it.”



“The unconscious commitments work has been so powerful for me. I’ve used it twice, and each time, what came out was the unconscious commitment, New conscious commitment and steps weren’t anything I had previously thought of. And have been so empowering. Instantly, I felt a calm and confidence, and then got a bunch done to complete the action. Moving forward easily and feeling confident and calm. 

So grateful for this powerful work!


“My whole life was changed since meeting Marci.” 


“Everything in my life, from finances to body to health to relationships is just on another plane than I even knew existed.” 

- Erin

“Marci’s a person that everywhere you look there’s results in her life.” 

-Guy Ferdman



Align to Manifest

“This program is more than simply giving you information. It’s integration. It’s activation of codes. It’s embodiment of bliss, liberation, and abundance. And it’s BEing in alignment with the frequencies of your dreams and desires. There is absolutely nothing else like it”

Spaces are very limited. Claim your spot today!

here's what you'll get:


  • 6 months+ support to manifest your vision with Marci (Value = $35,000+)

  • Body Alignment Training, Breathwork & Flow Training to support you in utilizing your body as the optimal vessel of alignment and optimizing your life experience  (Value = Priceless)

  • 8 NEW trainings with Marci giving you the real deal codes to manifesting everything you desire (Value= $7,000)

  • Live Q&A Break Down To Break Through Calls with Marci to support you in moving through any resistance (Value = Priceless)

  • Team Support Coaching & Accountability (Value= $2,000)

  • Private Facebook Group to surround you with support and resources (Value = $555)


  • Instant Access to Marci’s Top Coaching & Training to start diving in to your deep unconscious programs & begin to Re-Program and Align through “Releasing Your Unconscious Commitments Training” (Value= $97)

  • Instant Access to “Freedom Activators” Audio Series & Coachings to teach you her most famous & foundational tool of “The 5 Steps to Freedom” to begin implementing now (Value = $97)

  • Instant Access to “Lock Last Freedom Formula & Life Long Results Program” to begin implementing shifts in each area of your life now  (Value = $88)

  • Daily Manifestation Rituals Video Training (Value = ?)

  • Access to Additional Alignment Video’s, Trainings & Tools in FB Group (Value = $44)

  • Access to over 20+ workout video’s with Marci to support in training your body into optimal alignment

  • Access to 7 of Marci’s Signature Meditations to support you in your daily manifestation practice Bonus 


  • Inner Child Healing & Time Line Hop Activation (Value $33)

  • “As I Wake Today” Meditation and Activation Tool to start your day in alignment (Value = $33)

  • Live Channeled Higher Self Activation (Value $33)

  • Step-by-step process to make manifestation easy (Value = Priceless)



You get



Lifetime Access to the Program

And a Sacred 6 Month

Experience & 

Container with Marci

FOR JUST $2,777

* Live calls with Marci begins June/July 2020. 

You want to start asap to begin your Prep Assignments to be ready to dive straight into the deep work with Marci. 
Start your pre-work now!


Shift One:


Start with the foundational tool Marci gives her million-dollar clients. These 5 rinse and repeat steps are the basis for transforming your life and key to your aligning for manifestation.

Shift Two:

Releasing Your Unconscious Commitments

Clear your unconscious resistance, patterns, and beliefs, so you can manifest the life you want with this step-by-step process that allows you to release and receive.

Shift Three:

Becoming Your Vision And Filling The Gaps of Manifestation

Learn how to BE the vision you have for your life. Discover why most people don’t manifest everything they want and how you can truly connect to your vision in every area of life.

Shift Four:

Creating The Vision of a Life You Love

Get clear on EXACTLY what you want to create and who you choose to be. Uncover what you have been unconsciously creating so you can begin to consciously manifest your desires.

Shift Five:

Re-write Your Reality To Create A Life You Love

Get clear on EXACTLY what you want to create and who you choose to be. Uncover what you have been unconsciously creating so you can begin to consciously manifest your desires.

Shift Six:

Heal Your Life to Align to

Your New Reality

Learn how to break through any belief that is existing and find the unconscious ones hiding.  Break down the beliefs from past traumas and create a clear pathway for healing in your life. Remove limitations and expand into the infinite possibilities available to you. 

Shift Seven:

Activate YouR Power To Create

Frequency wave activations, timeline hopping, flow training, oh my! Activate your power and BE in the energy to receive. Learn how to start the day, end the day, and flow in every moment in between.

Shift Eight:

Alignment To Receive

Break down each area of life- money, relationships, passion, etc. and create conscious communication to receive. Learn how to follow receiving energy, let go of attachments, and experience your new reality now.

Shift Nine:

Re-imprint And Reprogram

Bring it all together- your new conscious commitments, healing statements, frequency waves, vision… all of it- to imprint and program your new way of BEing to effortlessly manifest your ideal vision for your life.

Shift Ten:

Embody and Integrate

Get the tools to Embodiment and Frequency. Integrate every shift into practical, daily application to continuously receive greater and greater in your life every day.

Plus! You’ll get lifetime access to every teaching, Q&A recordings, meditations, Breathwork To Create Change, Frequency Wave Activation, Inner Child Activation, Tools & Rituals, and more! You’ll receive support, accountability, and guidance every step of the way and tons more bonuses Marci throws in along the way because that’s just how she rolls as she believes in under-promise and over-deliver and she & the team always over-deliver in the value you receive. 

If you’ve been searching for a solution in your life, look no further.

Align to Manifest

It’s all within you and

gives you everything you require to access the power to manifest the life you want and absolutely love.

Hi, I'm marci lock

Sundari...The Alchemist of Light

I will take you to the depths of deprogramming, unlearning & healing what is subconsciously sabotaging you, and guiding you to cleanse your system of the low vibrational energy, programs, traumas, unconscious commitments & patterns to now directly integrate the clear “how-to” shifts and micro alignments to reprogram operating from your highest self, fully worthy to create and receive a life you absolutely love.
I built a Multi-Million Dollar empire through flow state consciousness, doing only what I was passionate about, felt good and was the most nourishing for my soul. As a FEEL leader, I will guide you to this innate connection going beyond the surface self-empowerment work and mental game to embody & integrate the daily life tools as well as depths of understanding to return to remembrance of your divinity and the reference point of your wholeness.
Knowing you are fully worthy to receive, YOU TOO can create a life you absolutely love and activate within you the codes of liberation, bliss, and abundance now as your normal state of being.


Join Align To Manifest NOW. Spaces are VERY limited.

"An amazing and truly unprecedented experience. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to fully receive what has always been mine."


I’m a busy person with a lot on my plate, is Align To Manifest right for me?

Yes! Absolutely! This program can support you in re-writing any parameters, limitations, or lack that you have been experiencing in your life- including lack of time. Plus, the teachings are all available for you online, making it easy for you to receive the support you require without utilizing a lot of your time. The tools, shifts, and step-by-step processes you’ll learn are easy, rinse and repeat activities you can implement throughout your daily life.

I’m already an experienced manifester and I’ve done a love of spiritual work, will Align To Manifest teach me anything I haven’t learned before?

Yes! This program is designed to fill in the gaps that still exist in the consciousness of manifestation. So, even if you’ve received a lot of training and expanded your awareness, you’ll uncover new truths you’ve never heard before. Plus, this program is about more than simply giving you information. It’s integration. It’s an activation of codes. It’s the embodiment of bliss, liberation, and abundance. And it’s BEing in alignment with the frequencies of your dreams and desires. There is absolutely nothing else like it.

I’m totally new to alignment, energy, and manifestation. Is Align To Manifest right for me?

Ultimately, that’s up to you, yet Align to Manifest is designed to meet you where you are now. Unfortunately, most of the information available on manifestation leaves gaps in understanding and consciousness that keeps people from truly aligning with the life they want. By joining us for Align To Manifest, you are giving yourself step-by-step guidance that fills in the gaps and supports you wherever you are on the path to creating a life you absolutely love. Wouldn’t you rather start this journey with everything you require for massive transformation?

Will I be able to manifest the money I invest in the program or more?

Again, that’s up to you. With Align To Manifest, you’ll receive the teachings, tools, and how-to shifts to align with your ideal vision so you can manifest your life. Yet, you get to do the inner work to raise your frequency, align with your vision, and shift your reality. Creating the life you want will ALWAYS be an inside job, yet with Align To Manifest, you’ll be supported every step of the way. And when triggers or resistance inevitably show up (and they will) you’ll have the tools and support system to move through whatever is coming up for you so YOU can align to manifest your life.

How do I know if Align To Manifest is right for me?

Align To Manifest is a NEW program that fills in the gaps, gives you a step-by-step process for manifesting, activates real deal codes, and helps you clear the unconscious shit so you can manifest the life you want… with ease and flow. Marci has been doing this and only sharing these with high-level clients and those working with her personally for years and the results are proof enough. You’ll get 6-months of group support, over 20 hours of teachings and trainings, guided meditations, breathwork, and more! And the results you can experience from utilizing all of this incredible value are truly priceless. Again, Marci only held these types of containers in the past for a $30K - $50K price range, and she is now bringing this in a way it is available for anyone who wants to and is ready to receive it. So, if you would LOVE to experience life-changing transformation and manifest your vision for your life now, Align To Manifest was created for YOU.