Hi, i am




 The Alchemist of Light,

and you might also know me as

Marci Lock Mentor


I stand for living in liberation, bliss, and abundance now. I am here to show you the path, give you the tools, and activate all the parts of you so that you can live in a state of heaven on earth, choosing in on, creating and receiving a life you absolutely love.  It is why you are here. 


Together, we can travel the journey from broken to bliss and suffering to serenity.  

If you choose in and give yourself permission.


What if you knew I experienced almost every deep trauma, programming of abuse, suffering, sacrifice, lack, scarcity, hiding, fear, rejection and unworthiness you can imagine?  


On my journey, I got to heal and come to peace with ALL areas of life, including relationships, love, freedom, health & body alignment, self-worth, receiving of money, pleasure, play, bliss, support, radical self-acceptance and of others, full expression and safety in being seen, heard, taking up space and choosing the life that is perfect for me, and much, much, much, much, more.  Through these experiences, I’ve come to remember my own Divinity and the receiving of the most amazing life as my Grandest Adventure. I am here to stand for others in the return to their Remembrance, Divinity, Unapologetic Expression, Freedom, Unconditional Love, Acceptance of Self and full permission to CHOOSE Your BEST Life. 


To learn more about my journey to Bliss & Flow Consciousness and a life of Abundance and Liberation, watch the documentary about my life, or


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It was March of 2008, I was and overwhelmed, overworked, and had been doing everything I could to fit the role of a perfect wife and mom of two small boys, striving to make everyone else happy and always looking for a better way to “survive” when I learned that my husband was cheating on me.

Feeling at the lowest of lows, I was lead to an option of becoming a $2hr a waitress at night so I could take care of my boys, just 1 and 4 yrs old during the day and pay a friend to sleep on my couch at night while I worked an evening shift.  

In searching for what else I could do… I was invited to an evening seminar about being a Mom and living your purpose.  That night, I saw new possibilities that I could give myself permission to do what I was passionate about.

After the seminar, I knew I had only known how to do what I knew.  I had to invest in myself to learn something different. I took the leap of faith knowing I had to value myself and my time and put my focus and energy towards the life & freedom I wanted to create. I soon left my waitressing job and began selling the workout DVDs I had made following my own body transformation.

I continued to ask… how else can I serve and share these gifts? I followed each step of where I was feeling called, no matter how scary it felt as I learned to be fully with each emotion and break down the fears and lies to turn them into my next step of freedom.  This eventually led me to create my 90-day mind-body transformation program. 

By then, I recognized that investment in myself would always be the greatest investment I could ever make. I continued focusing on my growth and expansion, discovering the greater tools, truths, and consciousness to my freedom. It allowed my business to grow as my new programs, beliefs, patterns, behaviors, and frequency matched a higher alignment of living.

My boys have always been a big part of my journey. These Divine Mentors, I call my Growth Partners, as they are truly my greatest teachers. They’ve been by my side through everything. We’ve been on stages, podcasts, and videos together talking about our experiences and teachings. We’ve traveled the world doing philanthropy work in third world countries and explored the jungles of Colombia together for sacred medicine.

It was in the jungles of Colombia, through deep integration and plant medicine healing, that I received the download to call in sacred soul contracts and work with people on a $1Million+ level. 

Since then, I have continued to serve individuals and companies seeking the highest level of transformation. As I now travel the world on a global citizen's journey, it has become my mission to bring light to the world, making these tools and understandings available to anyone that is seeking their own freedom, desiring peace, love, flow and has a desire and hope for something greater.  I am committed to these individuals to assist them in accessing the remembrance of who they truly are, and how to integrate each step of the way to connect their holy human and multidimensional self to truly access all of who they are and how to create and receive a life they absolutely love.  

If you participate in any of our programs or retreats, a portion of what we do funds several philanthropy projects and programs all around the world, and you’ll most likely be involved in philanthropic projects with us as apart of our retreats.  We’ve created a way that individuals can also receive a scholarship towards their transformational retreat experience through giving their service work and donations to the local projects of the area where we hold the retreat. Whether it be an orphanage in Peru, local school and tribal village funding projects in Colombia, planting trees, feeding the homeless, supporting the local hospital and garbage clean up projects in India, or creating clean water for communities in Bali and doing ocean clean up.  There are plenty of ways to participate as you also give yourself permission to move forward in creating your Best Life.  

More than anything, I want you to know that you can operate in natural Flow & Bliss State Consciousness, cleanse your operating systems of low vibrational programs, and illuminate your energy to REMEMBER the Sovereign Master Creator and Divine Being of Light you BE. 

In other words, you have the power to manifest your life of bliss, abundance, peace, love, health, and pleasure. 

It doesn’t matter where you are starting today. I literally hit the reset button on life and chose there was no other option than to now thrive in every area. And if I can do it, you can too.  If you are willing to give yourself permission, we are here to hold your hand, and honored to go the journey with you.  

The Power of Choice is Yours. Choose Your Best Life.